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September 30, 2018 02:17 PM PDT
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Play All Day
Traklist mix 199
1. Me & My Heart. Christopher Port
2. Lesson. Jerry Folk
3. 33 Chants. David August
4. Where You Are. Napoleon Gold
5. Which Way To Paradise. Poolside (Wild & Free remix)
6. Parfume. Eli & Fur (Athea remix)
7. Rule 110. Max Cooper
8. All Your Love. Flight Facilities (Christopher Port remix)
9. To The Stars. GMJ & Matter
10. Beach Break. Julietta (Sofi Tukker remix)
11. Rock On. AdamFreeland (Siriusmo remix)
12. You Are My Destiny. The Juan Maclean [EDIT]
13. Dagoberta. Siriusmo
14. Freehand. Robert Mason (Original Mix)
15. Dreamweaver. Josh Butler
16. I Have A Dream. Lonely
17. GL On My Back. Sander Dellariva (Dub Mix)
18. Remember That. My Cat Snoop
19. Inxec. Gazzy Dave
20. Get Outta My Bass. Jovonn
21. Probably One of My Favourite. Sweely
22. House Musique. Groove Armada
23. The Night. Yousef
29 sept 2018
Future House, Tech House

Feel Like
September 13, 2018 05:03 AM PDT
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mix 198 Tracklist
1. Get High. Tony Wonka
2. Don't Look Back. Love Drop (Original Mix)
3. Get Twisted. Titan Road
4. Chains. Rogue D (Patrick Topping remix)
5. Trick Nuts. Nick Curly
6. See Me. Rich Pinder & DJOKO
7. One Small Step. Rich Pinder
8. Cuh. Lucati (Original Mix)
9. Dubplate. My Cat Snoop (Will Clarke remix)
10. Something Massive. Codes (Original Mix)
11. Black Cat. GUZ, Ferreck Dawn
12. Badman. Idris Elba (Will Clarke remix)
13. Shiva. Lucati
14. First Flight. Audiojack
15. Push Myself. Roberto Palmero
16. Ain't Nobody. Chus & Ceballos
17. Keep On Rocking. LEFTWING & KODY
18. Utopia. Latmun (Original Mix)
19. Dimension. Luuk van Dijk (DJ Skull remix)
20. Freaks. Dennis Cruz (Joeski remix)
21. That’s What Counts. VONDA7
13 september 2018
House, Tech House

Drown In Sound
August 21, 2018 05:53 AM PDT
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tracklist mix 197
1. Two. Birch femme.
2. The Answer. Deep Shoq
3. If You Wanna. Alex Lustig (ft. Ayelle)
4. Love You Lately. Ariana and the Rose X RKCB (Roosevelt remix)
5. Pour Over. Vintage Culture
6. Underwater. RÜFÜS DU SOL
7. Solstice. Farfetch'd
8. Hush. Cat Dealers, Lauren Mayhew
9. Worm Can. Ohmfield
10. Spaceman. Chløë Black
11. Before U I Didn't Exist.FRND
12. My Friend. Jenaux
13. Somebody. The Chainsmokers ft.Drew Love(Egzod remix)
14. 'P.H.U.K.U'. Orbital
15. Insomnia. Faithless (Dunisco remix)
16. Young Giants. Somnium
17. Magic Fly. Space (The Orb remix)
18. Morrislouis. Thomas Fehlmann
19. Wristbands. Galcher Lustwerk
20. Night Blooming Jasmine. Eli & Fur(Rodriguez Jr. remix)
electronica house techno

SoLr PowR
August 08, 2018 04:38 AM PDT
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SoLr PowR mix 196 Tacklist
1. Intergalactic. DJOKO + Rich Pinder (Original Mix)
2. Need You. COMMANDR
3. Tessellating. MUTO (feat. Oliver Dibley)
4. Da Funk. Dead Space (Original Mix)
5. Bettah. Eats Everything
6. You're So Special. Tiga + Clarian (Eats Everything remix)
7. Ruckus. Tube & Berger (Amine Edge + DANCE remix)
8. Jackie Chan. Dzeko, Tiësto ft. Post Malone, Preme (The Stickmen remix)
9. Too High For Love. Maxine Garman (Original Mix)
10. E Samba. Junior Jack, Tube & Berger
11. Khokana. Animal Picnic + Novakk
12. Cave Rave. Sidney Charles (Santé remix)
13. Groove Five. Ramon Tapia
14. Don't You Mind. Alex Preston (Original Mix)
15. Sugar Ball. Black Girl : White Girl
16. Factory Settings. Catz 'n Dogz + Joseph Ashworth
17. Last Dance. Eagles & Butterflies (Solomun remix)
tech house, house, electronica

Soluble in Sound
July 18, 2018 05:45 AM PDT
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mix195 Tracklist
1. Sleepwalking. Elderbrook
2. Get Out. Mickey Kojak
3. Fantome. Masco
4. Down. TheLavish
5. Jorja. Jerry Folk
6. Another Night. Jerry Folk
7. Cruel. Bonzai (zotti Flip)
8. High Times. Marcus Marr (Gerd Janson Discotheque Mix)
9. You Don't Know. Tomcraft
10. Montana. Ellie Cocks (Lex and Wood remix)
11. Old Yella. Dennis Ferrer and Skream
12. Steamboat Willy. Lex & Wood x Dead Space
13. Forbidden Coco. Mar-T (Detlef Visions remix)
14. Acid Girls. Golf Clap
15. Fireworks. Toni Varga
16. Green Onions. Booker T and MG's(Alex Preston Rework)
17. Moody. Worthy
18. Move To The Back. Ferreck Dawn X Guz
19. Eliza. COMMANDR
20. One Percent. Gorillaz
21. Humor. Kim In The Sun (Helfer + Roy Avital remix)
22. Sorcererz. Gorillaz
Electronic, House Tech House

What You Fancy
June 30, 2018 07:27 AM PDT
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Tracklist mix 194
1. Dance With Me. Chris Lake and Walker and Royce
2. Get It Started. Alex Preston (Original Mix)
3. Wazup. Chop Nek and Ascanio (Original Mix)
4. Warehouse Decade. Klangkuenstler (Original Mix)
5. Phone Line. Bang Tidy [Night Shift Sound]
6. Take It Easy. Alex Preston (Original Mix)
7. OhMyWord. KidCut
8. Happiness. Samuel Dan
9. Party People. Greco (NYC)
10. 'Lil' Bit. Greco and Mad Villains
11. People Talk. Truth Be Told
12. Make Me Feel. Nelson
13. Untitled. Sanjay (Lee Jeffrey's Deeper Love Edit)
14. Move Out Of My Way. Dennis Quin & Shermanology (Radio Edit)
15. Playing With Stones. Scott Forshaw and Greg Stainer
16. Slow Down. Le Pamplemousse (Mikki Funk Edit)
17. White Groove. Serge Devant
18. For You. Groove Armada (Original Mix)
19. Slalom. TÂCHES (Original Mix)
20. Parker's Lament. Hollis Parker (remix)
21. Bad News Bear. Mystec (Original Mix)
22. Puppetmaster.Patrick Vano (Rawley remix)
23. Stupid. Keeld
24. Jumpin. Dustycloud
30 06 2018
House. Tech House

June 06, 2018 05:33 AM PDT
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mix 193 Tracklist
1. Eye Ring. Francesca Lombardo (Martin Buttrich Song Thing)
2. Girlfriend feat. Dâm-Funk Christine and The Queens
3. Fountayne.Tenova ft. Lena Cullen Original Mix
4. All Night. The Checkup Deeleegenz
5. Lose Control. Manuel De La Mare(Luca Secco and Craftkind Power House mix)
6. Party People. GRECO (NYC)(Brillstein remix)
7. Disc Jockey. David Penn KPD Original Mix
8. Wildfire. David Keno
9. Hannibal Chew. Billy Kenny Weiss UK. (Extended Mix)
10. Warp. Weiss UK.(Original Mix)
11. Mutant Disco. Maceo Plex feat. Maars
12. Just a Groove. Billy Kenny BOT
13. Bump That. GotSome
14. The Funk. Dansson & Dan Caster
15. Bust A Move. MAXIMONO (Original Mix)
16. Weiss. Feel My Needs
17. What Did I Tell Ya. Juliet Sikora, Return Of The Jaded (Original)
18. In My House. Format B DJ PP (Original Mix)
19. Badman Posse. Jairo Delli (Original Mix)
20. Werkit. Noise Frenzy [VIP Re - Werk]
21. Raw Beat. Vozmediano (Greco (NYC) remix)
22. Away. David Keno
5 June 2018
House Tech House

Dance in the Stars
May 24, 2018 06:34 AM PDT
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1. Everybody On The Floor. The Sunday Club (Original Mix)
2. Best Friend. Sofi Tukker (Amine Edge & DANCE remix)
3. Corpse Reviver Number 1.
4. Hyperloop feat. Green Velvet S-Sound
5. Percussionix. UMEK (Mix 2)
6. Emphases. Jay Lumen (Original Mix)
7. Recall 90. Spektre
8. Old Times. Amtrac feat. Anabel Englund (X-Coast remix)
9. Bodyless. Inxec & Droog
10. Delirium. Third Son
11. Learned To Hide. Darlyn Vlys feat. Northern Lite (Chaim remix)
12. Lagrange Point. Pleasurekraft
13. Nemesis. Paul Sawyer (Nick Muir Mix)
14. Bad Vibe. Matt Ossentjuk
15. Like This. Gateo (Original Mix)
16. Billy Kenny. Move Like Aliens
17. OMG. William Djoko feat Camilo (Radio Edit)
18. Rush. Wilkinson & Dimension
19. Hype Up. Machinedrum
20. Me Without You. Morgxn
Techno,Tech House

April 29, 2018 06:56 AM PDT
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mix 191 Tracklist
1. Keep on Groovin'. Gasch (feat. Enchade and Gaxiola).
2. Overheated. ☄ Blair ☏ Sound ☯ Design ✍
3. Sunday. Walker and Royce (Original Mix)
4. Eternity. Handsalmon
5. A Different Way. DJ SNAKE (Dirty Audio remix)
6. Stay Home. Alpha Being
7. Stay With me (NO-Li and HvnnyBear (Original mix)
8. Take Me Away. R-Wan feat Mike Jay (Extended Version)
9. In Arms. Ferreck Dawn and Robosonic
10. Slow. Street Choice
11. Girls. Westend and Steve Darko
12. Still Love Me. HGZ X Blaver X Bylli
13. Deep Inside. Ste Mac & LTGTR
14. Looking From Above. Fede Lng (ft. Yaeji)
15. CTYK. DX20V
16. Basics. ZO-LI and DavidUnded
17. Stupid Like 'Cisco. Burn The Disco
18. Bring That Noise. Josh Logue
19. Pressured. KC Gilmore
20. Spaceship. Tomix
21. Bizness. LO'99 (Holmes John remix)
22. Jaws. AC Slater ft. Acid Mouth (Phlegmatic Dogs remix)
23. Triple. Metacentric
24. You. Sebastian Knight
25. Left Behind. Handsalmon
House, Future House, Trap

April 13, 2018 06:00 AM PDT
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Tracklist 190
1. You Won't Regret. Del 30
2. Let The Sun Shine. Milk and Sugar (Milk and Sugar Remix)
3. Keep On Dancin. Iglesias & Rhoowax -
4. Smoke Everyday. (Snoop Dog) Gary Caos
5. Rub Anotha Dub. Green Velvet Walker and Royce Original Mix
6. Acid Chunk. Weiss
7. Fo Free. Omnom
8. Do It For Rabbit. Mike Kiraly
9. Dark Beat. Joel Fletcher and Reece Low
10. Deep Dip. Detlef Ft Dajae
11. Counting Tool. Latmun
12. Shmash. Mihalis Safras and Green Velvet
13. In The Mix. Funk The Beat
14. Hipcats. Atfc and David Penn Extended Mix
15. Nobody Likes. Bounce Inc. (VIP Mix)
16. We Get High From The Music. Mark Knight feat. Mr V
17. Needin' U. The Face (Riva Starr remix)
18. Icke Und Sie. Robosonic (Original Mix)
19. Only1. Esseks
20. Dial Tone. Ice Cream
21. All Together. Matt Karmil
22. Vechnaya Bol. Al-90 and Dx2ov
23. Voices From The Dawn. Adriatique (Original Mix)
24. Project Zeus. Dense and Pika
12April 2018
House, Tech House

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